Jeff back coverWelcome to my website.  In my musings, I cover far ranging topics through the prism of my philosophical/spiritual outlook. From long term care, and especially person-centered care, to music (Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen, Bruce Springsteen, and the Blues), to spirituality of all sorts, to food and many others, I hope my pithy commentary can be stimulating and, perhaps, even controversial in its approach to topics.

Since retiring from the active role of leading Pinon Management, I have encountered new challenges and opportunities.  I have battled cancer and recovered. I continue to contribute what I can to the dialogue of long term care and life in general through my hopefully wizened perspective.

I currently am doing this through several modalities. My second book, Musings + Art from Elderhood, in collaboration with Sandy Ransom was released August 2017.  My memoir, Oh Mercy! was published in 2016. I continue to speak nationally on issues regarding sage-ing and age-ing.  Along with others, I helped create a master’s program at Metro State University in Denver for long-term care leadership with the purpose of developing critical thinkers and future leaders in the profession of elder care.

Enjoy, I welcome your comments.


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