A Moment of Peace in a Crazy World

I ended the sublime phone call with a dear friend, a woman possessing angelic awareness, with a quip. “You have a Southern accent and I a Bronx one, yet we understand each other.” It just flew out of my mouth and it elicited shared hearty laughter. Our backgrounds and upbringing were quite disparate.

What creates a laugh over cultural differences exemplifies a universal commonality, a moment of transcendence, a connectedness of deeper meaning. These are hints of oneness over duality.

Diversity is to promote awareness and growth, not dominance and hegemony. The world doesn’t need one religion, or one political system; humanity’s diversity is virtually endless. There is Truth and whatever one desires to name it is not as important as to be it. Be true to its highest creed.

A wise man told me one day a long time ago that it doesn’t matter what religion you are, just be it. If Jewish be like Moses, if Christian be like Jesus, if Hindu be like Krishna, etc. These are exemplars of the same unfathomable Truth.

It started with a phone call…

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