Life is ephemeral, a passing phase in the infinite reality of the ever expanding universe. What does 70 to 100 years of life mean in the context of 15 billion years since the Big Bang, give or take a few hundred million years?

My existing consciousness is clueless about the billions of years of the past and is equally clueless about the next phase to come after physical and ego death.

Humankind has created, developed or been revealed innumerable ways to cope with this naked reality – offering comfort, transcendence or purpose. It may be religious or it may be spiritual. It may even be chemical, yet there is no denying we’re all in the same existential boat.

There are numerous advantages to aging, not the least of which is the finitude of being on this Earth. There is an edge to that awareness that has the potential to assist many visionaries, radicals, liberals, conservatives, ideologues, etc. Whatever one identifies with, season it with a dose of non-attachment and humility. We are still on the same journey. Make it a peaceful, safe and loving one.

I am not one to quote Neil Diamond, however, I find this poignant.

On a distant shore
By the wings of dreams
Through an open door
You may know him
If you may

– from “Be”

4 thoughts on “Be-ing

  1. Beautiful Jeff. I remember my dad telling me his cancer was terminal. At the time he said, “I’m on the same road we all eventually travel and it’s all right.” His complete acceptance of physical death brought me so much peace.

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