Faith or Randomness?

The withering vine is the harbinger of the regeneration to come. There are times when one loses their way, stuck in the muck of confusion. Lost. Trying to find that solid rock to lift oneself from the morass.

It’s amazing. Many hours of diligent effort but nothing moves. Then one day, least expected, something happens. It may be an epiphany or a catharsis, but one is raised up from rock bottom.

Maybe you have known of the mighty struggle and diligently labored. Yet, it was the unanticipated occurrence that delivered you. Was it the effort that was a portent of the gift? Was that the penance that made you worthy?

I guess it’s a matter of whether you have faith or you believe in the randomness of the universe. It is a mystery, but faith at least evokes a heart-expanding feeling of worthiness and the possibility that someone out there is looking out for you and offering you lessons.

2 thoughts on “Faith or Randomness?

  1. I choose faith!
    I know this “rock bottom” all too well and learned to take tools with me to fix the cracks in the bottom! 🙂 I did not hit rock bottom by a random flaw, but by divine interception.
    The idea of the randomness of the universe playing out an elaborate plan for my life does not sit well with me. To say “it just happened” is an easy escape phrase rather than seeking higher understanding, I guess its easier to cheat on the test rather than study for it. We all have a story, and regardless of my trials, I believe and have faith in the One who sent me…

    “The greatest tragedy of life is not death, but a life without purpose” – Myles Munroe

    I know what it feels to be lost, confused, lonely, and I know the hours of the constant grind. My faith gave me the preparation and the patience to expect the inevitable; until it happens. There is no growth without struggle. How else does a seed sprout if not through breaking through the soil? How is a diamond made if not by being compressed by coal? How do we gain muscle if not through sweat? How do we heal if not by breaking down?

    My faith says I am meant to grow. I do not believe in luck. Luck is when Faith and Preparation meet!
    And as far as I am concerned, the One who looks after me has a lesson and a purpose for me to grow…

    Great flowing words Mr. Jeff!


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