Fool On the Hill

What is this nonsense? I mused as I woke from a disconcerting dream. Still feeling the after-effects, I wearily donned my vagabond clothes. Gazing out the window, I saw the pastoral countryside, yet sensed a simmering discontent raging across the land.

A melody popped into my head and brought a smile to my countenance. I always was envious of The Beatles’ character, Fool On the Hill. You know, the man that had that foolish grin, keeping perfectly still. He’s the one that sees the sun going down and his eyes, in his head, sees the world spinning ’round.

I wanted, and strived, to be that fool. For in a lunatic world, a wise man seems like a fool. It all paints the subtle truth, revealed by spiritual knowledge. Beneath the clutter of madness and below the ephemeral powers of the day, lies the true unchanging reality.

It is not an easy journey, yet even a brief visit will make a profound impact.

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