Holiday Light

The fiery sun sets across the western mountains, leaving in its wake a blood red horizon. Portentous of things to come or merely a cosmic, seductive smile?

Meanwhile, the world scurries around in its day-to-day, feverish holiday activities.

It is irrelevant to me whether one greets another with a “Merry Christmas,” “Happy Chanukah,” “Happy Holidays,” or any other iteration of a cheerful greeting. In this season of truncated light and extended darkness, all traditions are celebrating the promise of the returning light. Hopefully it is a healing and revealing light, a tonic to the world’s ills.

Contentiousness over the so called “appropriate” salutation is a false notion. We are to celebrate the light, be it the light of Christ or any other path of transcendence. It is symptomatic of our times that there are raging debates over this. Why can’t we rally around the hope of redemption and the reflection of a growing light? Of course everyone worships and experiences based on their own spiritual journey or tradition…

… but it is the eternal light that has the power to unite a troubled world.

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