Images of Aging

Leonard Cohen turned 80 years old this past Sunday and has just released an album of new material, entitled Popular Problems. Cohen is part of the triumvirate of Jewish singer/songwriters that transformed the music scene of the Sixties.

Along with Bob Dylan and Paul Simon, their prodigious bodies of work not only defined the cultural revolution of the times but actually, wittingly or unwittingly, created it. Both Cohen and Dylan retained their Jewish roots as they studied other religions, Cohen, Buddhism and Dylan, Christianity. All three of these geniuses continue to create and perform at high levels, offering an illustrious image of aging.

I am going on a three week vacation with the wonderful Ms. J, commencing September 24th and returning on October 15th. I most likely will not be posting during this sojourn but will resume upon my return.

Thank you to all those who read my blog and provide commentary and feedback.

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