Non-attachment, in my opinion, is the pinnacle form of love. It allows one to transcend the mind and ego, and offers up true empathy. It is the root of true service: the giving without receiving; it is unconditional love. It promotes peace amid conflict through non-violent ways. It can be confrontational, but never through violence or vilification. It’s contentiousness without malevolence of heart or spirit.

Spiritual practice is the way to grow into non-attachment. Two salient examples are the teachings of Christ and Krishna. The Sermon on the Mount for one, and the Bhagavad Gita the other.  Jesus instructed his disciples to “turn the other cheek”; Krishna’s exhorted his warrior acolyte Arjuna to “remember me and fight.” On the surface, this might appear as the yin and the yang, but it is part of the whole. Krishna’s exhortation was for Arjuna to do his noble duty, not for glory or victory, but for release and surrender to the higher power. This, like Jesus’ enlightenment to “turn the other cheek,” required the mastery of non-attachment.

All spiritual paths emanate this core state of consciousness. It’s the only way to be in this world, but not of it. In the end, regardless of belief, we share a common destiny- we all die. We know we take nothing ephemeral or material with us; we surrender it all. This awareness is the ultimate test of non-attachment. It may permit a peaceful death, but we need not wait until approaching death’s door for this realization.

2 thoughts on “Non-Attachment

  1. Oh My, this is a very in-depth concept, and a most challenging practice. It sounds so noble in theory, and yet trying to follow this behavior is definitely a test, until we become at least familiar with it… I am working on this right now, loving someone to the core of my soul, yet being willing to let them go from my life, if it were for their Highest Good… I am not ‘detached’ it’s clear, but their good is more valuable to me, than my own attachment to them…

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