One Argument for Vegetarianism

I read a quote attributed to Paul McCartney, “if slaughterhouses had glass walls everyone would be a vegetarian.”

There are many compelling rationales for a meatless diet or, at minimum, reducing the intake of meat on a daily basis. Ecological, spiritual, economic, health, and animal cruelty reasons are all part of the litany of its virtues.

The McCartney quote poignantly resonates with me because that’s precisely the genesis of my conversion to a vegetarian lifestyle. I read a book in 1970 that effectively produced a glass wall to slaughterhouses. It horrified me and I’ve been a vegetarian since. At the time I thought that if everyone was aware of these conditions, the reduction of meat consumption would surely be a reality. The ecological benefits, such as reduced pollution, better use of land and water management, are the mere tips of the iceberg.

Bravo to Sir Paul McCartney.

2 thoughts on “One Argument for Vegetarianism

    • We also saw a horrific movie that showed the horror of the slaughter houses. That did it for me, not that I loved meat to begin with! If I saw any blood in my meat, I would refuse to eat it!!!!!

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