Outrageous Medical Marijuana Decision

Issues regarding Colorado’s right for legal marijuana (both medical and recreational) have elicited the need for the Feds to, at minimum, decriminalize its use.

President Obama has seemed to have found his voice in his lame duck term, finally taking the courageous positions he campaigned for in 2008: opening the door to Cuba, the proposed Iran deal, prison reform, and his token commuting of jail sentences for prisoners that are unconscionably serving long jail sentences for recreational drug usage.

Ideological democrats need to understand that the zero tolerance enforcement of drug laws took life under the Clinton Administration and disproportionately affected African Americans. Clinton was big on zero tolerance (whatever that even means).

Zero tolerance even trickled down to nursing home regulatory enforcement, resulting in an oppressive and stifling environment, eliminating risk taking and reducing the innovation that was desperately needed. The policy was also partially responsible for the shortage of dedicated, highly qualified caregivers and managers.

It should be noted that the other day, Bill Clinton publicly rebuked his own policies of the ’90’s, but I digress…

This past week, on a 6-2 vote, the Colorado Board of Health prohibited the use of medical marijuana for veterans suffering from PTSD, despite compelling testimonies from veterans who benefited from it. The rationale was that there wasn’t enough scientific research and they were concerned about side effects.

Because the board members were all appointed by him, I hold Governor Hickenlooper responsible for this heartless and cruel action. Hickenlooper, who made much money selling alcohol, has always expressed disdain around legal marijuana. Interesting, isn’t it?

Of course, if the Feds were to, at least, decriminalize medical marijuana, instead of its current classification as a dangerous drug, there would be more scientific research. It’s time for President Obama to lead in this effort.

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