Politics As a Circus

Very often, metaphors of circuses and carnivals have been employed to discuss the political season. This year the Republicans are offering a most amusing spectacle.

The clown in charge, Mr. Trump, is easily the CEO of this carnival, controlling the agenda and forcing everyone to respond to his bloviated style. Circuses are to entertain and Mr. Trump is the master of this. He grabs attention and makes the headlines. He could star in a Marx Brothers movie and enhance the humorous chaos that they are famous for.

Unfortunately for the Republican party, he just might bring them down.

On the other hand we have the Democratic front runner. Every time I hear her speak, I feel a great urge to yawn.

Whereas there is chaos on the R side of things, the D circus is overly controlled. There are only six debates scheduled. Bernie Sanders, perhaps the token honest politician in this, has been calling for more debates and he is drawing a huge crowd. One would think the DNC would listen to his reasonable request. Clearly though, the fix is in and I, for one, am totally bored.

Ms. Clinton has more luggage than a Samsonite factory and, regardless of the makeovers, it will be very difficult to cover this up. (She will now be spontaneous – the latest to come out of her overly structured campaign organization, an oxymoron if there ever was one.)

The Republicans just might win, although there still is the Trump factor.

4 thoughts on “Politics As a Circus

  1. The NWOReporter has an amusing satirical cartoon of some of the would-be candidates, including Donald Trump, but he’s hard to satirize, being so outlandish by nature.

  2. Your response Jeff is a little yawning also. How about specifics such as Trump representing the ruthlessness of soulless capitalism, the rape of the earth, the oppression of the poor, extreme individualism and no social consciousness, insulting everyone, and a very large number of Repulicans Christians, and Jews think Trump is awesome.
    What happened to all the Biblical statements Old Testament New loudly
    Speaking about Blessed are the Poor and the Meek, how about compassion? Interestingly Pope Francis is coming to Congress, the UN, White House, Philadelpia to talk about everything Trump and the Republican Party does not want to speak about.
    David Stang

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