Random Rumination on a Career

In the end, as in the beginning, I had a vision…always evolving and refining. I had some dramatic successes, some failures for sure. It was my career.

Sometimes pioneering, sometimes taking risks. Outspoken…eloquent…I had my muses. After the great Fitzsimmons challenge and success, I was spent. More was to come. Internal self-directed corporate teams. I returned to my natural state of introspection and introversion. I loathe public speaking, being a presenter or a prophet. I avoided most of it at the last stages. It was my career.

I guess I had done enough, even though there was always more to do! And there was always more to do! More territories to expand. Just like the expanding universe. I just didn’t have the same fire. Enervated. A state of mental fatigue. How long does one fight the fight? Some say forever. God bless them that do. I couldn’t anymore. I made my mark. It took everything I had and then some. It was my career.

For 37 years I saw many changes. A few I led. The titular head of transformation. Made many friends along the way, some enemies too. Personal sacrifices for sure. I struggled to come of age. I paid the price. At times I received too much praise. Other times too little. But who am I to seek glory? It was my career.

The sun goes down on me, as it will everyone. Writing a memoir to make sense of it all. Through a blog too. I owe much to my colleagues, friends and believers. In dialectical transformation. In entrepreneurial change. I am forever grateful to my muses and mentors who molded and inspired me. And so many more. It was my career. 

2 thoughts on “Random Rumination on a Career

  1. Dear Jeff,
    Yes, it was your career! It was also your passion, your vision, and your ministry, but it is not all in the past. Your legacy thrives and lives on. Thank you for your transparency. It takes courage to acknowledge the battle fatigue. Don’t ever forget that along the way you inspired many of us who have chosen similar career paths.

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