Revolution and Counter Revolution

Over the course of my life and career I have ruminated over the paradox of the topic of this post.

I have a philosophical disdain for believing anyone or any entity has the answers for everyone. I recall a time when I was on the Eden Alternative Board of Directors. While I was a dissenter, pleading for more penetration in the nursing home profession, they had a brainstorming session that envisioned Edenizing the whole planet! Even in the heat of bliss of being a disciple of Guru Maharaji, I had trouble with the proselytizing aspect of it.

My philosophical outlook believed that in the end Messianic thinking is counter revolutionary. In my opinion, this is how Truth dilutes to ideology.

Over ten years ago I wrote my lead article in the Piñon News titled “Revolution and Counter Revolution.” It was addressed to the incipient, culture change movement and I applauded the obvious need for dramatic change in nursing homes. At the same time, I warned of a creeping orthodoxy of the definition of culture change that could be, after time, counter revolutionary.

Revolutionary visions need to synthesize with evolutionary applications to be successful. I read this article by Elizabeth Spayd for the Columbia Journalism Review titled, “The Rules of Plagiarism.” I’ll end with a quote from this article:

Take something that wasn’t theirs, mix in their own ingenuity, and build a road to the next breakthrough genre.

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  1. Can you imagine NH. that needed no Medical Records. Good care was the primary issue thru observation and listening? With modern technology why do the care givers and staff need to write any thing down?

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