Sacred Heart – O Sacred Mind

Thinking about the DAPL tribal protesters and the veterans who supported them.

Did the Holy Spirit prevail? Did the Truth peek out from the abyss of coarse materialism this time?

Or is this an illusion – merely another false glimpse of hope amidst the implacable onslaught of greed, glitter, and euphemism of progress that is slowly destroying the ecology of our planet?

The Sacred Heart yearns for unconditional love, a real love of innocence and wonder. The Sacred Mind seeks perspective amid the infinite. A finite mind struggles to transcend its limitations by quieting itself. The heart hopes to cherish the Divine purpose of the gift of consciousness and the mind to practice obeisance to what lies beyond the appearances.

At least one thing did occur and that was a display of the power and potency of non-violent resistance. Gandhi’s experiment so many decades ago was fully demonstrated. Eschew violence, hate and dehumanization and with perseverance, courage and inspired leadership great things can happen against all odds.

2 thoughts on “Sacred Heart – O Sacred Mind

  1. Let us join hands as we all work together
    In service to all of The Creator’s creation,
    For there dwells the Great Spirit of Life.
    What more can one say without doing something.
    Will we stand today with the indigenous
    Or women’s rights, against abuse,
    Against lies and greed? I will try my strongest!

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