Soulful Reflections

It appears that we all arrive on this planet from the same place and likewise depart, perhaps returning from whence we came. At least on a physical level, we become more aware of our ultimate ending than we were at our birth.

The time we have on the material plane is fraught with the veritable and limitless vagaries of birth’s circumstances: parents, genetic code, epoch, country, economic circumstances and religion. As we journey onward we have the capacity to tap into the meaning of this dynamic or get totally lost in the dizzying maze. The underlying energy that fuels the material reality potentially illuminates our collective destiny.

Sadly our material world has organized religions that too often propagate superiority, demonstrating power and control but subverting the truth. Likewise, we have politics of manipulation that reflect the worship of temporal power.

The last couple of weeks have seen the passing of two former Piñon Management stalworths. Maxine Roby was a happy and humorous nursing home pioneer, applying highly evolved team building methodologies, empowerment and leadership. She raised the bar on person-centered care. Marge McConell, a nursing home administrator and regional clinical supervisor, expressed a compassionate, calm and insightful spirit in the most of stressful situations.

Both women embodied qualities of servant leadership with different styles, illustrating the point that there is an underlying, unified energy between stylistic differences. Both will be remembered and missed and left indelible marks for future professionals.

4 thoughts on “Soulful Reflections

  1. Much Empathy for your losses of friendships and colleagues. Intending that young and strong leaders come forth to take up the banners these ladies had to surrender.
    As for political leaders and religious beliefs, I wonder if it is any different than during the time of the crusades… strikes me that the only contrast is cell phone communications and larger weaponry. The violence of one human toward another for thinking differently or for greed, seems to remain the same. Still, these are the headlines we hear, not what is in the hearts of the majority. I continue to have faith in the goodness of people, to overcome the dark side. Wishing you and all those you love, the Merriest Christmas and Happy New Year.

  2. Jeff
    thank you for recognizing both of them-and all they did for others.
    They were both persons you could count on to be kind, ethical and compassionate-
    we are lucky they chose the path of long term care-they touched many lives.

  3. Thanks David. Not certain how well you knew these two women but I’m sure you knew of them.
    Have a great holiday and new year!

  4. Thank you for helping us know these two care givers in this complicated
    World. As we enter into the darkest day of the year we do look for the
    Light. Is there something besides ashes to
    Dust? Do our incredible dreams, our thoughts of a Festival of Light mean something?
    Myself personally I look forward to the next great adventure!

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