Subtle Shade of Blue

A facet of aging is balancing the losses and gains. It seems designed that, as we age, the experience of youth mellows into a subtle shade of blue.

We lose friends. Our occupation. While various other losses confront us with the truth – that all things pass. There is a blueness to that, as well as a comfort.

Throughout my life I have been both detached and bemused by the ideological lenses people see the world through. I have witnessed dedicated service from people with both conservative viewpoints and liberal. In Gandhi’s commune all religions and viewpoints were welcome. Seeking independence for India, Gandhi and his supporters were united by nonviolence and the search for transcendence.

The world desperately needs a Gandhi incarnation. Meanwhile, I try to age gracefully, fully aware of the transitory nature of life. That’s a sobering perspective and also a gift of aging.

4 thoughts on “Subtle Shade of Blue

  1. Oh Jeff,
    Thank-you for your wisdom. I love when words paint a picture and calm the reality of the
    physical. Here’s to the white light of understanding, the green of acceptance and surrender and the bright orange of new beginnings!

  2. I loved that post Jeff. You ARE aging gracefully! We cannot fight it but only accept this inevitable experience with love and grace!!

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