Symbols and Courage

A barren landscape is fertile for the cactus plant.

Amazingly, it took an act of racial savagery for the South to wake up to the institutional symbols of its tarnished history of racism and brutality. Symbols do matter. The Nazis appropriated the ancient swastika symbol, considered sacred and auspicious in Hinduism and Buddhism, to their cause and forever stigmatized it, evoking darkness and murder.

I do not believe that Germany is flying the Nazi flag over any government buildings.

The only Republican to lucidly take a stance against the Confederate flag was non-candidate Mitt Romney. Initial comments by the candidates were opaque to say the least, until the Republican Governor of South Carolina called for its removal. Suddenly most of them then found their voice.

I thought I was watching The Wizard of Oz, where the Cowardly Lion was pining for courage. It takes courage to be a leader and too many politicians exhibit a paucity of this virtue. For the sake of this country, I hope that we can garner better leadership than what we currently see.

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