Ted Cruz and the Ghost of Jack Kemp

I’m not usually political, except occasionally expressing disgust and despair over the state of politics in contemporary America. I watched Ted Cruz declare his candidacy for the GOP nomination for president. To me, he’s a frightening candidate, evoking memories of the infamous Joe McCarthy era.

Upon some reflection I pondered, whatever happened to the Jack Kemp version of the Republican Party? He married fiscal conservatism with social liberalism and compassion. He proposed enterprise zones with tax incentives to assist impoverished communities in creating opportunities. The Republican Party has all but abandoned Mr. Kemp’s political philosophy to the detriment of itself and to the country.

One thought on “Ted Cruz and the Ghost of Jack Kemp

  1. Jeff, I also remember Jack Kemp as you do. Unfortunately not one republican resembles him in any fashion. The Gop in general has become a disgrace to itself.

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