The Circle Game

A restless spirit envelopes my consciousness. Its genesis is an elusive mystery. I attempt to discover an inspiration, either through a muse, a song, a book or meditative realizations.

Meditation’s purpose, among other things, is to bring one to a thoughtless or, more appropriately, a thought-detached conscious moment. Finding peace and giving much needed rest to our polluted minds is a cleansing of the cerebral consciousness, much like the way we wash our bodies. With this I am offering a more positive meaning to the malign term, “brainwashing.”

One of the results of meditation is to offer sudden waves of fresh perspective, which only a refreshed mind can create or visualize. It brings a different angle to critical thought, perhaps taking the form of a new solution to an intransigent enigma or the inspiration to write or sing a new lyric with unique insights.

In an over-hyped world, this thought process seems to be a rare commodity. Visceral reactions that are based on mass ideologies blind our vision to unified approaches. Entrenchment equals stagnation, eschewing inspired critical thought. The result is anger and frustration – a demonizing of the other side. We are reduced to a “good guy” versus “bad guy”, or a black and white simplicity.

The healing balm, for me, is always to return to meditation – to clear the soiled mind and experience deeper levels of awareness. Perhaps with that, I can achieve a wizened perspective. Others may take a more activist approach and I respect that. I just advise that you take the time to bathe your consciousness in the unifying spirit of truth.

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