The Crones and the Sage

Reflections on the Pioneer Conference

Like a beacon in the night,
fending off the menacing fright,
they rose as a beam of light,
the crones of the circle of wisdom.

I was drawn in with an evolved man
who never was afraid to make a stand.
his innocent smile preceded his extended hand,
a sage exuding a theory of wisdom.

A vortex of spiritual energy enveloped with love
to ring the bell and talk like a holy dove,
who says divinity is a long distance above?
the truth awakes and shines through with wisdom.

In the city of the house of the rising sun,
known for its excesses and profane fun,
I came to perform some service and hope it was done,
inspired by the crones and sage of wisdom.


9 thoughts on “The Crones and the Sage

  1. What a privilege to know and to love the sages and the crones of the circle of wisdom . An amazing experience to feel the cellular and spiritual connection honoring Jeff Jerebker ..a friend , a beloved visionary and esteemed elder care influencer . .. Also brilliant author and poet ….’A beautiful forever memory!

  2. Well This is NICE!! While I am unqualified to critique poetry, this has a nice lilting feel to it, and hopefully your journey and participation were most worthwhile. Now I have to say ‘excuse me’ because your book awaits my continued attention…

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