The Dangling Conversation (Hanging out in New York City)

I met her just coming out of a dark alley. She shined like a beacon in the misty night.

“Hold onto me,” she said. “It’s not a smooth journey.”

“Where are we headed?” I sheepishly queried.

“Where the angels come to rest and the lost souls go for soothing,” she cryptically replied.

“Why, what’s the reason for?”

“You have experienced the emptiness of letting go and here you will get filled up.”

“Then what?”

“Well my dear question man, not everything is predetermined. Enjoy your restrained freedom that will prepare you for the ultimate surrender.”

“Oh,” I gulped.

“It’s good,” she assured me in a most tender voice. “Enjoy the ride, do obeisance to the moment and awareness will descend upon you.”

I saw a shadow touch a shadow’s hand on Bleecker Street.

-”Bleecker Street” Paul Simon

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