The Decline of the Watercourse Breakfast Experience

All restaurants desire to have their customers return and, especially when it comes to breakfast, there are some distinct foods that encourage customer loyalty. Fresh squeezed orange juice, steel-cut or Irish oatmeal, the option of real maple syrup, and good coffee are just a few staples of the breakfast tradition.

Since Watercourse offered all of these and more, I visited regularly. Mornings at Watercourse were popular, having been serving breakfast seven days a week. There were often long waits on the weekends and even during the week they were reasonably busy. The weekday customers were the regulars, as was I.

A few years ago their juicer broke. Instead of repairing it or getting a new one, they discontinued offering freshly squeezed juices and sadly, the substitute was poor. Over the next couple of years, they stopped offering oatmeal, substituting quinoa. I was OK with that, but a few months later that option was altered too and they no longer offered any hot cereal on their menu. As if that weren’t enough, Watercourse discontinued offering real maple syrup.

Today, the breakfast at Watercourse is only served on the weekends and has become a mere shadow of what it once was. On the rare occasion that I go there, I’ve noticed that there never seems to be a wait.

I respect the fact that they are now 100% vegan. I would expect, though, that the managers of Watercourse awaken to their mistakes and restore themselves to the past glory of being one of the best breakfast places in Denver.

One thought on “The Decline of the Watercourse Breakfast Experience

  1. I have not had breakfast there in a long time because of these disappointing updates to their menu. I often used it for a meeting space, as did it seem a number of regulars. It is sad to see a business make short-term decisions to save money for example and hurt themselves fatally in the long-term.

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