The Diminishing Light

The autumn fading and the light truncating portends the coming of winter. The morning and evening chills of fall will become cold and dark as we faithfully await the inexorable return of warmth and light.

There is a confluence of celebrations by virtually all spiritual paths during the peak darkness anticipating the promise of redemption from the frigid pervasive darkness. It is supposed to be a unifying time regardless of one’s chosen spiritual or secular outlook.

It’s an introspective time laced with humility. One light, one humanity, one planet that is our shared home. They all reveal a oneness under the multitudinous ways of beliefs and practices.

I wish everyone a joyous season and send hope no one gets sucked into the manipulative culture war stoked by exploitative politicians, pundits and some religious leaders. One can say Merry Christmas with a malevolent heart or with a generous spirit as one can say Happy Chanukah, Happy Holidays with the same possibilities. It matters none to me the particular greeting. It’s the spirit and earnestness behind it that counts.

3 thoughts on “The Diminishing Light

  1. Thank you Jeff for the sparkle of light your posts add to the day when we are gifted a new one
    From you. Warmest holiday wishes to you and all those dear to you.

  2. Love this post, Jeff. No matter which Spiritual Path one takes, extending Good Will and Joy to others, results in warm, happy hearts. The Very Best of upcoming Holiday Celebrations to you and all those you Love. Happy and Merry Everything.

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