The Glory of Silence

There is, to say the least, a plethora of chatter that insatiably invades our outer and inner space. It traverses the spectrum of noise – ranging from the profane to the sacred, the gross to the subtle, the ridiculous to the sublime. Sorting it all out has become an increasingly complex challenge in this era of instant communication.

Outwardly, the incessant drumbeat of the political season is mind-polluting on a crass level, much like the annoying noise of an unmuffled motorcycle. On the other end is the continuous internal processing of the mind. It’s fairly simple to turn off the external prattle, though not necessarily easy, but to quiet the subtle mind and experience the true silence – that is arguably the most formidable of all.

The glory of silence is one of the purposes of mantra, prayer and other forms of meditation.

The blessings of true silence may just present us with the germination of inspiration, humility and even enhanced physical health. One may even glimpse, or sense, the infinite or primordial energy, gaining the ability to put things into perspective.

One thought on “The Glory of Silence

  1. Late in responding, but I did want to offer a tiny comment of observation;
    I have often felt that people who MUST turn on the TV or Radio immediately upon awakening, are avoiding the silence from within…being unwilling, perhaps afraid of what they might hear, if they listen to their own inner voice…

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