The Light at the End of the Tunnel

After facing a number of health, emotional and spiritually challenging crises in my life, I wrote this around 16 months ago.  I never knew if it was worth sharing, but I came upon it a few days ago.

Through the murky night of desolate despair
When all hope and meaning seem to disappear
At that moment of hopeless abandon
Where every act and moment appears random

When one least expects it and all hope is eviscerated from your core
When your acolytes and advisers reflect that look that they are bored
When you’re tired and sick of all of your creations
When miracles seem like only a failing imagination

Out of the abyss of desolate wretchedness
A flicker of light in the remote distance of sadness
A faint vision of beauty and sight starts to appear
The closer it gets my heart beats fast and my eyes tear

I see it now, her profile is so pristine and clear
The hat and scarf conceal an energy so real
Her hand reaches out to me for me to grip
I rise out of the morass, holding tight so I don’t slip

2 thoughts on “The Light at the End of the Tunnel

  1. Congratulations on the vision of beauty and energy coming into your life! Did it just saunter in on its own, or did you go looking for it?

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