The Limitations of Science

Like a shimmering light through a cloudy day, the universe unfolds in its predestined way. It is bound by laws that the most advanced science can, only at best, gleam a mere flicker, touching the surface like the proverbial tip of the iceberg.

Science advances through enhanced technology. Its very paradigm, the scientific method, intrinsically has limitations that will never enable it to unravel the root of the cosmic mystery.

That is not to diminish the benefit that science has offered humankind. However, due to its amoral nature, science has produced the atomic bomb alongside great advances in medical care.

As science continues to peel away the surface of things more mystery abounds. For example, the Big Bang Theory of the creation of the cosmos can offer facts on the composition of things, but does it touch the compelling truth or mystery that’s underneath the physicality of it? In other words, what is underneath the tip of that iceberg?

One thought on “The Limitations of Science

  1. There you go Mr. J, making me THINK again….
    I confess to wondering what the answers to these kinds of questions will be,
    yet I am resigned to accepting that such information will not likely be revealed in my lifetime…
    Still, thanks for another mind-provoking post.
    Now I have to head out to my garden and dig in the dirt while I ponder…
    Happy Sunday to you and Ms. J, my inspiration.

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