The Mystery of Inspiration

Where does inspiration originate from? When it strikes, blazing ideas and thoughts come streaming through. It seems to originate from above, externally, as your brain becomes a vessel for it to flow to your heart. Sometimes one can capture it for an enlightened moment and, like an alchemist, create something magical or profound. It’s so vaporous that it can easily be lost in the maze of the mind or the clutter of the world.

Often, a surprise contact from a heavenly person or a muse, will trigger that intangible energy. You feel the vibration and are uplifted into greater insights and realizations. It’s truly a blessing when these moments occur.

Lacking that inspiration, many attempt to manufacture it. I know I do. One ponders, meditates, sweats and exercises, or whatever else that might help to bring it about. Something will happen with all of that effort and maybe a manifestation of a piece of work will develop. But deep down, you know it’s not your best.

My sociology professor, Lakshmi Bharadwaj, told me 40+ years ago that way back in antiquity, artwork and other creative expressions had no signature. No one took credit. They believed back then that they were mere vessels and that authorship came from transcendental origins. Now that’s real humility.

When I am fortunate enough to have moments of inspiration, it renews my understanding of and appreciation for the wisdom in what that great professor taught me.

One thought on “The Mystery of Inspiration

  1. I’ve often pondered why I am given the right words at the right time. Why now? The timing seems to be divinely set; the message I receive is needed by myself or someone else at just that moment. When I can see a message channeled through me resonate so thoroughly with someone else I truly understand I am just a vessel. I find it wondrous and humbling.

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