The Obfuscation Principle

Clear as mud,” the bohemian artist proclaimed after admiring his own creation. “I yearn for inscrutability and here is my masterpiece,” he elaborated.

The unwary enthusiast strolled upon it, eyes wide open and gasped, “wow. This is cathartic. It resonates with me as if you created it with me in mind.”

I am thrilled you like it. I paint for my loyal customers. You know, it’s been for people to see their own reality and circumstances in the drawing.”

The next person went by, gazed at it, and was heard muttering, “rubbish. This is as vacuous an image as I’ve ever encountered.”

It’s all in the seer. It reflects back onto you what you are inside,” the bohemian slyly offered in rejoinder.

A ravenous oligarch happened upon the scene, a man addicted to power and adulation. Eavesdropping on the conversations, he had an epiphany, “this is the key,” the oligarch enthused. “I can obtain power over the land between my wealth and the emanating vision of this piece of work.”

And so germinated a new wrinkle in the political world. Well, not so much (it’s as old as American pie) as more evolved to a new heightened level. The combination of money and obfuscation, that is the key to ascendancy. And so is born a new leader to a country that is stranger and weirder by the day.

2 thoughts on “The Obfuscation Principle

  1. Much older even than American Pie…Obfuscation may be used for many purposes, however thecommon use is to “redirect”. Great story Jeff!

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