The Party’s Over (But I Landed On My Feet)

The party’s over
But I landed on my feet
I’ll be standing on this corner
Where there used to be a street

This is taken from a song called “A Street” from Leonard Cohen’s most recent album, Popular Problems. With the couplet concluding an elegiac song of survival, it appears to be reminiscent of a failed relationship. However, like all profound lyrics ensconced with a haunting melody, it works on many levels.

Three years ago I sold my company, Piñon Management. It was a 30-plus year ride filled with an electric energy, being in the vanguard of new approaches to nursing home care. The accomplishments were great and I had the privilege to work with brilliant and compassionate professionals. Of course, it all took a toll but that is the price one pays for leadership and swimming upstream.

As I melancholically reflect over this, I can relate to these evocative lyrics, especially the first two lines and that is:

The party’s over

But I landed on my feet.

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