The Twilight Dream

It was a forlorn morning, cold and dank. The labyrinth of meandering thoughts permeated the empty caverns of my mind.

Seeking insight by imitating enchanting archetypes; their approach to suffering inspires, stimulates, and I vicariously feel it in me.  Learning lessons, then on my own to write/feel/express my own struggles: be it physical, mental or spiritual.

A paradox appeared through the desire to transcend, to surrender. What was on the other side of suffering? Was that bliss, unbridled joy, ecstasy or was it an empty void of vast nothingness?

Some say bliss, as a metaphorical or even literal heaven, others a peaceful merging into infinite space or as a drop of water absorbed by the vast ocean.

There were metaphors, parables, allegories throughout the dawn of consciousness attempting to teach the ineffable.

I awake, count my blessings of another day, and trust it all will make sense some way.

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