Think Upon These Things

“Think upon these things,” admonished the late, esteemed, Indian philosopher, Krishnamurti. His writings and lectures evoked an underlying reality beneath the manifested physical forms. He discussed an energy that not only sustains, but propels, constant evolution or morphing and yet, remains undetected by sensory perceptions.

A scientist as venerated as Einstein claimed he had not made any discoveries with his rational mind. He penetrated beyond thought to an ethereal consciousness, such as imaging himself riding on a beam of light through the universe. These imaginative revelations led to his many prescient theories being validated today.

Paramahansa Yogananda, in his seminal autobiography, The Autobiography of a Yogi, predicted the union of the ancient wisdom from the east with the empirical sciences of the west. One needs the other. Science and it’s scion, technology, without wisdom, will be a destructive force.

We can only hope Yogananda’s prophecy of balance is realized.


2 thoughts on “Think Upon These Things

  1. Krishnamurti back in the 80’s was one of my favorite writers. He talked about jumping
    into the river of life and seeing the world. He said most people hang onto the bank of the
    river and never see life. Welcome to the world of Trump and Fear.

  2. I had a flash thought of the very beginning of the first Superman Movie, when Krypton is disintegrating, as Marlon Brando, the Father, places his infant son in the ship that will propell him to safety in another world… sometimes technology feels like this to me, in it’s potentially overwhelming and destructive capacity… it can accomplish so much good, or it can be totally ruinous…

    Still, Your post has a ‘calming’ influence, if one sits and thinks about it… probably a good idea to do as you suggest, to just sit and think, during these unbelievable days of change…

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