Truth vs. Ideology

To paraphrase my mentor, sociology professor Lakshmi Bharadwaj:

“Truth unites – ideology divides.”

Truth cannot be encapsulated into words.

To consider Lakshmi’s idea, perhaps Truth is the underlying and subtle cosmic energy that contains the infinite wisdom of being; the eternal light. By this definition, Truth is the underpinning and common element of all life and matter. It’s what unites all spiritual paths.

Seeking Truth is a humble journey by necessity, a journey that very often reveals the shallowness and temporal nature of power. The path in seeking spiritual bliss is in learning the art of surrendering and and dedicating actions into selflessness.

Ideology, while often expressed in terms of Truth, is really the seeking of power over others. The effects of strong ideologies are consistent and displayed throughout the world, whether in a gross form, such as military dictatorship, or in a form of democracy, where rival political parties convert thoughts into propaganda.

Ideology can be construed as a false idol and it should not be confused with the seeking of true purpose in your life.

At least that’s my opinion…

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