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Musings + Art from Elderhood


Jeff Jerebker is a blogger, author, elder care influencer and a pioneer in nursing home management. For 32 years, he was a nationally recognized leader in long-term care as the president of Piñon Management, a nursing home management company. His memoir, Oh Mercy! was published in 2016.

Sandy Ransom’s paintings are alive with story. Whether in color or black and white as was done for Musings + Art from Elderhood, each stroke of her brush delivers beauty from within the viewer.

Sandy & Jeff


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Cover only newMusings + Art from Elderhood will have you remembering, reawakening and renewing what is relevant.

What’s Age and Art Have to Do with Real Living? … Everything!

The sage is back. Jeff Jerebker is incredibly insightful with words that transcend feelings, hurts, concerns and shock and awe of events. Each musing delivers a new wave of reflection, revelation, and thought.

And, he’s brought a friend and fellow sage—one who has a brilliant gift of the canvas. Musings + Art from Elderhood is enhanced by Sandy Ransom’s thoughtful and spirited stroke of her brush woven throughout. Jeff, previously a pivotal leader in nursing home reform and Sandy, an RN with a researcher background, join together to explore and combine a different side of themselves through melding their life experiences into a reflection of growing old.

Jeff’s words and Sandy’s art remind us that as one enters the autumn of the lifecycle, one comes face to face with the inexorable march to mortality. Jeff and Sandy demonstrate that the elders have the ability to pass on wisdom and venerable traditions to a younger generation. In this digital age, is anybody listening? The hope, is with the very young and the age-ing to save a dying planet and revive the potential of humanity.

This small book is intriguing, honest, and has been a creative outlet for two age-ing friends expressing, sharing, through their eyes, mind and consciousness, their takes on entering elderhood, in an honest way that allows the reader to ponder their own age-ing and purpose.

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    Jeff Jerebker is a man of spiritual and intellectual enlightenment who has once again succeeded in providing an insatiable desire for deeper wisdom, spiritual understanding and a profound appreciation for revering life. His collection of musings captures the heart and challenges us to wrestle with some of life’s delights and perplexities as seen through his eyes.

    The children, the elders, nature, and the entire Cosmos respond in dance, song, and even tears over the wondrous glory of Sandy Ransom’s works of art. Her paintings unite beauty and harmony, and inspire roots of empathy and visual delight that are soothing to the soul!
    —Sarah M. Rowan, Former Board Member, Eden Alternative

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    Musings + Art from Elderhood by Jeff Jerebker and enriched by Sandy Ransom’s thoughtful and powerful illustrations is a masterful and compelling book filled with hard earned insights on life and aging.

    Jeff is a learned scholar, leader and sage who has integrated these qualities into his business leadership style. When Jeff speaks, or writes he affects many with his wisdom, knowledge and intellect. Sandy is a pure and open heart as a leader, educator, researcher and artist. She impacts everyone she meets with her wisdom, insights and kind acceptance of all. This book will make you laugh, cry, and ponder life. It will be an opportunity for growth and inner peace as we all travel our inner journey called life.
    —Evy Cugelman, RN, Innovations Specialist, Vivage Quality Health Partners

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    Sandy Ransom has the gift of understatement. She combines color and form in simple yet powerful ways that lead us to new levels of appreciation and understanding. This is art that can move the human heart.
    —Jude Thomas, Co-Founder, Eden Alternative

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