Sunrise / Sunset

In the twilight of the day, when the sun sets and the stars are not yet visible, it is then that I feel a sense of peace and wonder. I have the same experience when I awake. Sitting on my sofa beside the window, the predawn blackness provides me a tranquil, quiet ambiance. However, as I slowly drink my large bottle of water, the darkness begins to soften and the ever so subtle and faint light grows more palpable. Those are contemplating moments – moments of transitions.

The latter transformation presages the coming of the light, and the former, the extinguishing of said light. The beautiful colors of the fading sun are the spiritual promise that the light will return again.

Perhaps this is an apt metaphor for birth – death – rebirth. As I age, and I suspect the same is true for many others that are aging, these daily moments are a fount of wisdom and hope as we come face to face with mortality.

6 thoughts on “Sunrise / Sunset

  1. Beautifully said Jeff !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I look forward to receiving all your posts and I’m patiently waiting for your book.

  2. Ah… ’tis the ‘gloaming’ hour that we are enchanted by… a Magical Time, filled with possibilities…. I adore that hour, day or night….

    Here follows a bit more;
    Word Origin and History for gloaming
    Old English glomung “twilight,” formed (probably on model of æfning “evening”) from glom “twilight,” related to glowan “to glow” (hence “glow of sunrise or sunset”), from Proto-Germanic *glo- (see glow (v.)). Fell from currency except in Yorkshire dialect, but preserved in Scotland and reintroduced by Burns and other Scottish writers after 1785.

    (Thank You Jeff, for your enchanting post.)

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