The Dining Experience: Europe vs the United States

Throughout my recent travels, I could not help but notice the differing approaches to the dining experience, in Denver and in Europe.

Here at home, the service is good and, depending on the restaurant, so is the cuisine. French and Spanish meals, however, are consistently far more fresh, whether it’s vegetables or seafood.

A significant difference is how the wait people are trained and the role they are expected to play in our experience. In the United States, they come once or twice to ask how the food is upon receiving our meals. As soon as a plate is empty or near empty, they are back to take it off your table. Once again, asking if they can take the plate away, interrupting the flow of the meal.

In contrast, Spanish and French servers leave you alone. They never come by and, in effect, foster a more complete dining experience. Conversation is enabled without the din of interruptions so prevalent in Denver, and perhaps of course this country, appear to be.

In my opinion I prefer the European approach. It’s more relaxing without the interruption in the flow of eating and conversing.

2 thoughts on “The Dining Experience: Europe vs the United States

  1. I have found the same to be true of European dining. Fewer interruptions, more emphasis on preparation and they usually don’t clear the table until everyone is finished eating. Some other differences that are hard to define exist in the entire European experience, perhaps a more cultured environment.

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