The Existentialism of Nothingness

“What’s the matter with me, I don’t have much to say” starts a Dylan song (“Watching the River Flow.”) It is kind of ironic that the prolific songwriter, known for composing and singing volumes of lyrics, now evokes the feeling of ennui.

Perhaps in a maddening world, inhabited by fake news and ideologically tainted treatises – and where truth and authenticity are discarded – we do need to spend more time watching the river flow. Either that or read the kinds of books that take us to a place where perspective and reality re-enter one’s depth of consciousness.

Mass media can enlighten, mislead, spread truth or fabricate false narratives. How is one to discriminate and find the true meaning behind the prevailing din?

George Orwell wrote his famous, prescient, dystopian book, titled 1984, which offers up stark images of a thought-controlled world that is manipulated by the privileged elite. Published in 1949, we can forgive that Orwell’s bleak view of the future was only off by perhaps 30 years. Hopefully the resilient human spirit will repudiate this obscenity and light will dispel the darkness.

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