The Universe Connection

Cosmology and spirituality have much in common. The study of the external universe mirrors the inner seeking of meaning and existence.

Scientists claim that the universe is in constant motion and not a static phenomenon. It is, at this point, ever expanding and evolving.

Seekers of spirituality attempt a similar internal path. The struggles for mindfulness, living in the moment and meditation are ever expanding and evolving, bringing about the fundamental, existential questions: Who am I? Why am I here?

Religions, as they putatively offer answers to the eternal mystery, too often have become ideology: the dilution of truth. Many times, power and control overtake the provision of true spiritual meaning.

The etymology of the word “universe” goes back to the Latin word “universum,” which combines “uni” (one) with “versum” (something rotated). Hence, the universe’s genesis is from one. The transcendental, inner world of meditation is likewise one, the merging of the individual ego self with the oneness of being.

This scientific / spiritual truth is, perhaps, the redeeming hope for humankind.

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