At the End of the Long Winding Road: The Publication of My Book

It was a long journey. The winding road began in Cabo San Lucas. I was in the midst of a personal tumult and great professional transition. I wrote in coffee houses or malls, spending 1-2 hours per day. When I got cancer and had major surgery I ceased writing for six months. I lost my mojo. With gritty determination I resumed.

Some of you may be aware that I have been writing a memoir. I am gratified to announce that it will be published in hardcover edition by the beginning of July. The book, Oh Mercy! The Coming of Age of a Nursing Home Pioneer, chronicles my professional career as an entrepreneurial change agent in long-term care. Weaving throughout are the travails of my professional and personal life – flaws and all.

Writing was cathartic at times, even exorcising some of my lifelong demons from childhood. Other times, the writing felt laborious. I never kept journals or diaries, my writing style is conversational/ stream of consciousness. I did this without prepared outlines and found that as I wrote my power of recall was stimulated. At all times, I attempted to be honest and transparent.

The primary overriding themes permeating throughout the labyrinth of roads taken: the search for transcendence through various means; openness to Masters, Mentors and Muses; embracing critical thinking skills; experimentation in mind expanding drugs, various therapies, and spiritual practice. Also prevalent is the spiritual quest for self awareness through the art of surrendering.

Obviously I wrote this through my lens. Though noble work has been done by many dedicated beautiful people, nevertheless this is not a highly regarded profession. There are complex reasons for this, not the least of which are the hegemony of the institutional and medical model and ageist societal attitudes. I apologize in advance if anyone feels offended or slighted. That was not my aim.

It is not my desire for this to be a commercial profit venture. Of the proceeds generated, a significant percentage will be donated to non-profit organizations such as:

     Pioneer Network

     CHCA Education Foundation (Maxine Roby Scholarship)

     Jodi’s Race for Awareness (Ovarian Cancer)

The annual conference of the Pioneer Network in New Orleans (July 31-Aug 3) has agreed to a book signing event and carrying Oh Mercy! in its book store. Forty percent of all proceeds will be donated to Pioneer. At the conference I will be a panelist with three others on a half day intensive called “From the Executive’s Desk: Motivations, Experiences, and Outcomes.” Additionally I am doing a 90 minute sage-ing session, “Reflections on Aging from an Elder Sage” with a little help from my friends.

Other events will be announced when timely. Oh Mercy! The Coming of Age of a Nursing Home Pioneer is available for pre-order on Amazon.

5 thoughts on “At the End of the Long Winding Road: The Publication of My Book

  1. Thank-you Jeff for sharing the person you are. Takes courage to survive life and to grow into the person you are in the present by exploring the past. Gonna be a great read, can’t wait!

  2. Yes Jeff, you can sign my copy when I go to Denver again, hopefully this summer.
    I wish you all the best in selling your masterpiece !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I have great respect for what you have accomplished your whole life.
    Love, Mary

      • Congratulations Jeff. I can’t wait to read your book in it’s entirety. I know it will be a success and how hard you worked on it! You are courageous and true in seeking your dreams and I know that will come through in your book!

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