Looking Through the Inner Eye

The river meanders through hills and valleys, taking a circuitous path to a destined ocean. What a great metaphor for life.

One has many encounters and roads to walk. Each has an unknown predestination with detours, side shows, dead ends, scenic routes and other digressions. The challenge, it seems to me, is to garner the inner will – to keep on keepin’ on. Wipe the tears, transcend the pain, enjoy the ephemeral joys and laughter. Just don’t hang on to it as it all will desert you in the end.

Friday I moved out of my office, almost three years subsequent to my sale of Piñon Management. It was a voluntary and necessary move. People used to say, “Jeff, you are Piñon Management.” While I would smile, demurred because deep down I subliminally knew that wasn’t the truth. It may have taken 30+ years, but I can now face it. I am not, if I ever even was, Piñon Management. Sure, I was the titular head and owner and, with the dedication of many brilliant people, was able to do some good. Burned some Karma, picked up some friends and naysayers, and hopefully made viable a sliver of the perennial philosophy. And that certainly has been gratifying. My sense of appreciation, humility and my own perspective to Piñon are now more pronounced.

I’m still traversing the path without pretense or certitude of where I’m headed on the ever-winding road. As Ben Franklin and Woody Allen have each quipped, “there are only two things certain: death and taxes.” I can only hope for more great and growing experiences.

6 thoughts on “Looking Through the Inner Eye

  1. Endings and Beginnings are two sides of the same coin…
    Best Wishes for Joy and Fulfillment on the next segment of your Journey.
    Please continue to share it with us…

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