Politics of Vapid Thinking

It’s a hot, humid day, one that could precipitate a surly mood. I succumb.

I don’t like what I observe from the body politic of this country. There are way too many “dittoheads,” a term that Rush Limbaugh’s followers define themselves as. I would consider such a moniker a gross insult to my ability to think for myself.

However, the disease of dittohead-ness is not confined to the sycophants of Limbaugh. It knows no boundaries but is endemic to the political establishment of both major parties.

The other day I heard the old John Lennon song, “Gimme Some Truth:”

I’ve had enough of reading things

By neurotic, psychotic, pig-headed politicians

All I want is the truth

One thing is for certain and that is that you won’t get truth from politicians. My advice is to look somewhere else for truth and don’t be anyone’s dittohead.

3 thoughts on “Politics of Vapid Thinking

  1. One would think after so many experiences we could think for ourselves?
    But……..how afraid are we to think and speak? Will people laugh at us?
    Will we be sued? Is it easier, safer just to quote someone else like Jesus or
    Our favorite politician, or radio talk show? Oh the beauty and peace
    Of silence? Yet……people are suffering, guns killing, fundamentalist fascism, corporations destroying
    The great love making nature wishes to give us !

  2. This made me laugh, although the situation in our political landscape is anything but funny. Politicians remind me of rabble-rousers who incite rioting like in the old westerns, with mob-mentality; a dangerous situation no matter which mob one is associated with….
    Thanks for today’s ‘Thinking Moments’.

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