Precisely Incomprehensible

I lifted my head, in no mood for illusions, magic, or false prophets, as a muted voice was beckoning.

“The Truth is nimble and inscrutable, hiding in plain sight, obscured by a million layers of different densities of matter. They are matters that – in the end – don’t matter,” the voice muttered.

“What does that even mean?” I mused quietly, my wandering mind frantic. That’s incomprehensible, I concluded. “Precisely”, the faint, clairvoyant voice uttered, and after a pause reiterated “precisely”.

Wisdom informs us that we are nothing: a mere minuscule flicker in an unfathomable universe. Love instructs us that we are everything: as The Beatles sang, it’s all you need.

Wisdom may evoke a stark perspective, love a warm glow. Containing these two aspects of Truth is the eternal circle – the only geometric form without a beginning or an ending.

We all walk the path somewhere within this dialectical physical and psychic temporal existence. It fluctuates and we find comfort or enlightenment at times, loneliness and despair at others, and everything in between. The glue that binds everything together is attachment. Yet attachment is what we, in the end, need to let go of to find true freedom and liberation. What a paradox!

Truth is the soundtrack to our everyday lives and how we choose to navigate it is our journey of becoming (or working out karma).

4 thoughts on “Precisely Incomprehensible

  1. You really entered the deep water this time Jeff. Thanks for the swim in the ocean. Michael
    (Sandesh……because you like the name……see, I did read your book/ most of it.

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