The Exalted Yin-yang

Piñon Management was a company I formed back in 1979. We pursued a mission of being profitable while transforming the model of care for nursing homes, hence our logo the yin-yang. My vision was a dialectical one: sound business management combined with transformational change. I truly believe this dialectic merged as a whole, precisely like the yin-yang is within a circle – a oneness.

When one contemplates it, the yin-yang is a most profound and transcendent symbol. It perfectly encapsulates the duality of living in the material world contained within the oneness of it all, which is the spiritual dimension. What’s troubling is how humankind so easily loses sight of this transcendent oneness and, without some meditative awareness, life becomes reduced to power, ideology, and the false glory of so-called victories.

Two easy examples of a world lost in duality are the horrific Palestinian/ Israeli conflict and the democrat versus republican agenda in this country, with propaganda invectives being touted for selfish reasons.

If an individual, an organization, a society, or a country is oblivious to the circle of the yin-yang and only sees the duality, they are doomed to suffering and despair. Missing the whole point of the yin-yang, the true meaning of life is also missed.

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