The Fount of Wisdom

Rabbi Zalman wrote a seminal book entitled, From Aging to Saging. I’ve been reading The December Project by Sara Davidson, which offers conversations, wisdom and insights from the indelible leader of the Jewish Renewal movement as he prepares for death in the December of his life. (He died in 2014.)

A fascinating read, one cannot help but realize the rich vein of wisdom that conscious aging offers the world, especially to the younger generations. Regrettably, it has been a diminutive part of modern culture and, perhaps, one of the root causes of the world’s enervating spiritual energy and reverence.

Knowledge can be taught but the genesis of wisdom is not really learned at schools. It is elicited from lifelong worldly experiences, marinated with the consciousness of excarnating from the body. The perspective of what is real and unreal, what is important and not so important, becomes a high value ingredient to life. This, along with the passing on of traditions, myths and other cultural memories, invoke the beauty of aging.

One thought on “The Fount of Wisdom

  1. A Fascinating group of thoughts in your post…
    I feel that living a long life is a gift that exacts a price;
    We trade our youthful beauty, energy, and idealism for patience, experience
    and appreciation. I will look forward to reading your referenced title, and
    Thank You as Always for making me Think… even if I stray from your point
    in the post with my comments; at least you read them…

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