Pondering in Old Age

Life is full of wonder, tricks, surprises. At times it appears random, at other times predetermined. One road taken leads to many unanticipated circumstances – opportunities, struggles, and hopefully, an enhanced meaning of life. There are elements of ecstasy… suffering… darkness… light… periods of lucidity and bouts of confusion.

What does it all mean? These mysteries have shed light on true prophets and false ones. Opportunists and defeatists. Manipulators and servants. The diverse personality of humankind may lead to wonders in its variety or to xenophobia. To peace in the infinite or to war in the narrow-minded.

Underneath all of it, is there a supreme wisdom? A oneness that permeates the infinite complexities of the appearances of things? Is there a master choreographer of transcendental energy?

Do those with faith ponder these things or do they have uncluttered minds that permit them to live in the moment? Is it “I think, therefore I am” or is it “I am, therefore I think?”

Perhaps the greatest gift is to live in the moment. In awe of it all, while having the grace of caring and being cared for. To enjoy the happy moments and find comfort in times of suffering.

I hope my children and grandchildren reap all there is and give service to all. And that could include a respect for the elderly. I hope they have the strength to separate the wheat from the chaff.

3 thoughts on “Pondering in Old Age

  1. With the extended suffering and death of my younger sister, and the deaths of other family members in the last year, plus my own repeated life-threatening infections, I am compelled to appeal to inner strengths. I studied Jungian psychology years ago and it continues to strengthen and inspire resources within myself. I am not a Catholic but paraphrase Pope Francis in my repeated reminder to myself: “Be grateful; be hopeful; be joyful.”

  2. As I approach my 70th Birthday, these same thoughts trek through my mind…I take comfort on this journey by reading your ‘musings’ because it reassures me to know that there are others thinking about the same things that I am… Now, if I can just locate one of these ‘others’ to share coffee with, and discuss some of these philosophical wanderings…..
    Please give the Style Crone a hug for me, and thanks to both of you for providing support by simply sharing your ‘selves’ with those of us lucky enough to virtually know you…
    Chris Klein-Goss

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