The Cycle of Creativity and the Culture Change Movement

The ethereal breeze over a busy planet evokes a calm sensation in the maelstrom of a crazy world. By being conscious of the internal present moment, one may obtain glimpses – a state of awareness of being in this world but not of it.

The true poet has an antennae for subtle forms of inspiration. He or she, in the transcendental moment, can tune into its vibration. Like a soft clay, the poet molds it into a work of art. With an open mind, we the readers receive it, eliciting our own unique forms of inspiration or insight into the human condition.

There are parallels in this to any movement, whether it be political, artistic or cultural. Even the person-centered healthcare movement had its genesis in inspirational visualization. Inner sight leads to new models and approaches, which are what upended the concept of institutional care. Dehumanization evolved into humanization. As in art, one must allow for the emergence of different visions and not fall into the trap of, what I call, over-codification.

The nature of the universe, which is ever expanding, mirrors the adage, “change is the changeless.” Bureaucratization is the organizational structure that attempts the make predictable the creative vision, unfortunately resulting in sterility and stagnation. Until one day someone with a fresh inner vision will sound the clarion bell to once again break up the now old institution.

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