The Obvious Giant

Once upon a time there was a giant that roamed the countryside. Fear and trepidation vibrated throughout the land whenever he spoke, projecting his loud and annoying bark of a voice. He bullied, cajoled and boasted of his prowess, engaging a demagoguery that ruffled many a feather.

Of course he had his acolytes. His devotees were those born with a genetic defect, causing a cognitive impairment and inability to think critically.

There were a few individuals that stood out from the polarized population. Yes, there were a few that, using their keen mind’s eye, could see that the emperor had no clothes or, in this case, the giant had no voice.

A rare, great politician once said that the only thing we had to fear was fear itself. That aphorism was proven true one day as a purifying wind blew across the bucolic plains, quite easily blowing the bloviated giant away.

Now that may appear to some as a happy ending, but beware of sophistic tales. The obvious giant was gone, merely the creation of a collective unconsciousness. The greater concern is what dwells below the surface and that remains secure until the next iteration of manufactured divisiveness raises its ugly facade.

4 thoughts on “The Obvious Giant

  1. I want to respond with something witty, or profound, but often I fall short…
    To this post I simply say, ‘Love It’ and Thank You for these thoughts being
    planted in my ‘Think Tank’. I do hope and pray I am part of the Collective Conscious,
    not the Collective Unconscious….

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